“Basic Video Tricks - Scarf”


Video Excerpt
From “Basic Video Tricks” Series


A group video show organized by Jim Ovelmen and Barry Markowitz

Opening Reception Saturday, Jan 29, 2011   6-9pm

CSULA, Fine Arts Bldg. 5151 State University Drive, LA 90032

Continuing through February 26th,  2011

Gallery Hours: Mon-Thurs, Sat. 12-5pm

Gallery Phone: (323) 343-4040

UNIVERSE CITY offers over 60 videos being projected in multiple places and situations.  A model of the entire California State University at Los Angeles (CSULA) campus will be installed in Gallery A with multiple videos projected on it.  Single-channel videos will be shown in Gallery B, and selected videos will play 3 STORIES TALL outdoors, on an adjacent building. The featured videos are from artists from Los Angeles, New York, and from all over the world.

Participating artists include:

Laurel Beckman, Elonda Billera, Nancy Buchanan, David Burns/Matias Viegener/Austin Young, Corey Fogel, Lia Halloran, Clement Hanami, Doug Henry/Joe Potts/Joseph Hammer/Gregory Lenczycki, Oliver Herring, Annetta Kapon, Carole Kim, Tony Longson, Mazue Marai, Ohad Meromi, Justin Moore, John David O’Brien, John Pearson, Margaret Pezalla, Natasa Prosenc-Stearns, Jesse Robinson, Halsey

Rodman, David Schoffman, TOCHKA/PiKA PiKA, Paul Tzanetopoulos, Carrie Ungerman, Walker/James H. Allen, Paul Wilkens, Liz Young, HK Zamani, Z’EV, Ellen Zweig.

“Pixel - Pulse Pinch”

Video Excerpt
Exterior multi-story projection; variable.

“Pixel - Shock Wall”

Video Excerpt
Exterior projection 8‘ wall, ground level.

“Pixel - Sizzle”

Video Excerpt
Exterior 4-story projection at ground level.