"Tower Days"

Installation details at two different locations: Red Rock Basin and Nevada Dry Lake, Nevada

Date: 1974-5


9 ft. x 2 ft. x 2 ft.


Stretched Mylar on tube steel


Nevada desert sites


Prefabricated 9' Mylar towers were installed in previously selected environments to absorb and reflect specific elements. By the tower's placement in the environment, one could walk around and select a view to view from its Mylar reflections. As the day would change, so its changes would be reflected. Each facet of the ever-changing view was documented on film. Later, multi-media work was produced from the different views of the installation.


See also:  Sky Float Series, Grove 1 and 2, e/motion 3, Solar Luna Reflections

and Kinetic Light Installation (untitled) LAX

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