3-dimensional poster element and photo collage for exhibition. 

Date:  1978


150 ft. x 50 ft.


Mixed Media: multi-screened cross-projected 35mm dissolve sequences;
synchronized soundtrack and 2,000 lbs. of broken glass


"Request for Change" was an installation piece utilizing multiple-screens, four-projectors, soundtrack and 5,000 sq.ft. of broken glass. It featured interactive, cross-projection time lapsed computer-run dissolve sequences. The piece dealt with issues of mental health, specifically aspects of schizophrenia in our culture. Two different images faded from one to the other, in full scale, as they were re-projected into the original corner of the image's architecture. Images were comprised of a sanitarium's publicity beauty shot and later documentation of the same sanitarium’s closing and final destruction by fire. Viewer could stand inside of the projection and experience the slow change from one image to the other. Soundtrack illustrated simultaneous and schizophrenic awarenesses of hospital and frantic emergency care environments.

Commissioned By:

The Whitney in Los Angeles, Curated by Barbara Haskell, hosted by LAICA (Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art)


1981  -   "LAICA Show" The Whitney in Los Angeles, Traction Avenue, Los Angeles, California


Stereo soundtrack and Artist's Narrative available

Detail -- Exhibition graphic illustrating sanitarium beauty shot and, later, fire demise.

Detail - exhibition entrance multi-screen projection. Image of artist's mother.

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“Request for Change”




“Request  for Change”

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