“Anderson ­ You Are Here”

Detail, floor installation in gallery.

Date: 1991


22’ x 45’


Recycled ruber and nylon mats



Exhibition Location:

Parker/Zanic Gallery, Los Angeles, California


A large-scale illustration of an enormous pattern, as a model for a larger, plaza-sized installation. The model in the exhibition space was approximately 1/10 to 1/100 of its potential size. The pattern is meant to be seen from an elevated position, such as from higher structures surrounding a plaza.

Related Bibliography:

"Tzanetopoulos' mosaic of colored rectangles of recycled tire rubber doesn't merely encourage us to attend to our environment; it literally becomes our environment, covering the gallery floor from wall to wall. Initially, the piece works as an elegant satire -- the metamorphosing into an exquisitely "tiled" floor. But it also works on a more hermetic level, for the pattern of the floor-covering is based upon a topographical model of a magnified swatch of plaid, the artist's long-standing fascination -- a symbol, for him, of the encoding of information. What Tzanetopoulos' proposal suggests is that the line between public art and private obsessions cannot so easily be drawn; what it thereby provides is legitimation for this very tricky exhibition."          ---  Susan Kandel, Los Angeles Times, August 15, 1991

"By substituting the designs characteristic of various ethnic textiles in addition to Scottish plaids, however, Tzanetopoulos's scheme does have the potential to affirm the cultural identity of virtually any ethnic population in Los Angeles."          ---  Diane Mark-Walker, Artweek, September 5, 1991


Installation details (left, top and bottom; top right), and
(bottom right) the ‘You Are Here’ note and arrow point to a viewer’s position in the
‘Anderson’ plaid geometry.

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