"For Profits / Four Prophets"

Installation detail

Date:  1986-92


14 ft. x 14 ft. Installation 


Video Monitor and Live Video, Four (4) B&W televisions embedded in lithographs, recorded sound track


1992  - "Gathering / Four Prophets" Site Gallery, Roosevelt Building, Los Angeles, California 

1986  - "Best of 12 1971 - 1983" UNLV Department of Art, Las Vegas, Nevada


"For Profits / Four Prophets, " an inter-active installation incorporating central closed-circuit monitor (embedded in granite table in shape of United States) depicting live "feed" of spinning Scheherazade character with soundtrack and four antiquated Raphael lithographs with one 4" B&W monitor embedded in the surface of each. Linoleum puzzle floor, duo-tone tan and brown. As viewer enters piece, one sees four lithographs, one embedded in each of four walls, and central is a monitor/table. Video and audio feeds change from lithograph to lithograph, clockwise, as a central figure in monitor table spins to face lithograph. As central character spins, she recites tales from the Arabian Nights. Conceptual structure of piece pivots on feminist disposition relative to contemporary geo-social architecture and its depiction in art historical context.


DETAIL -- Raphael and 4" B&W Television With Sound

Composite of 24” x 36” prints, each with 4” B&W television with sound


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