"As A Direction"

Detail - Performance projection (1973)

Date: 1975


40 ft. x 20 ft.; variable location 1 mile


Multi-media installation


     Artist infused a gallery space with a visual field of arrows. He sensed the direction the arrows pointed as a place from which to start his investigation, thus the field was to illustrate a perceived direction. This direction was then documented and transposed to US Geological quadrangles, to locate position and direction relative to normal declinations. His perceived direction coincided with USGS grid "North," as described in project text. Direction was followed and documented by artist, eventually revealing an adjacent hillside clearing, the exact size of the gallery (see publication), which subsequently was dusted with same arrow pattern, uniting both sites and drawing conceptual illusions (see publication).


University of California, Irvine gallery and surrounding area, Irvine, California.


          Illustrated publication available, "As A Direction" by Paul Tzanetopoulos, 1975.


Gallery Installation at University of California, Irvine

 and Site installation at field in Irvine, California

Another view, Gallery Installation at University of California, Irvine and Site installation at field

in Irvine, California. Map was made available in Gallery for viewer's use in finding second site.

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