"Hands On"

“Hands On” sculpture at the entrance to the Imperial Court Recreational Center, Watts, California

Date:  1997-2002


4’ x 14’ x 8"


Sand cast cement tiles

Commissioned By:

Department of Recreation and Parks, City of Los Angeles, California


Imperial Court Recreational Center, Watts, California


An architecturally integrated column composed of 8" x 8" sand-cast cement tiles, produced by interactive community programming. The community was invited to have a “hands on” experience with the site and work (as the title implies).  Community participants provided their hand prints, objects and their names.  The objects they provided were solicited by the artist to bring a personal and familial connection to the site.  Each family was asked to provide an object that meant something specific to their family unit.  Along with hand prints, the objects were gathered and compiled in the artist’s studio, where they were individually set in sand and cast, one by one,  in concrete, as tiles.  These tiles were installed and composed on site.  The interplay between light and shadow was the driving aesthetic to the composition.  The artist found it was a pleasure working with the community and finding out more about them in the process.


DETAIL, 8” x 8” sand cast tiles

Community interactive element.  LEFT:  Community members find their personal imprint on  the “Hands On” column.  RIGHT:  Inside the Recreation Center, the community can search a graphic key for names and column locations of a community participant’s imprint.

Another view, detail of column and surrounding structure.

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