Plaid Series

Date: 1993


10 ft. x 20 ft.


Oil on panel


1993 Fourth Newport Biennial, Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, California
1993 Dorothy Goldeen Gallery, Santa Monica, California


Large-scale mural-sized painting illustrating potential use of digitized imagery and potential application of large colorful tile wall and plaza installations.

Related Bibliography:

"...Tzanetopoulos' work is specifically related to the structures imposed by the human mind that distill real-world experience into sophisticated systems (such as computer imagery). His huge, multipanel painting, 'Rotoplaid,' is an image of plaid fabric twisted into a rotor-like maelstrom of activity. The piece embodies a tug-of-war between disparate visual devices and states of being -- a grid and a spiral, stasis and implied action, flatness and whirling depths, the implied three-dimensionality of a piece of weaving and the flatness of a painting.

Visually, 'Rotoplaid' combines a mechanical look -- the plaid design is represented by what seems to be zillions of identical flat strokes of paint -- with the improbable illusion of a rigid pattern spinning out of control into a fuzzily defined blur. Conceptual wit and formal tension combine to make an irresistible piece."

Cathy Curtis, Los Angeles Times (Orange County)

"Painting Pictures; Newport Harbor's Fourth Biennial
Draws on Style, Sense, Tastes of Its Chief Curator"

OC Live! Section, Cover Page, 3, 6, 9, 16 October 14-20 1993

DETAIL, 5’x 5’ Panel (#7):

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